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Little Deeper® Natural Pregnancy Aid

Little Deeper® cushion – a unique and recommended natural pregnancy aid.
Have you repeatedly tried to get pregnant but haven’t had success yet? You’re looking for a natural way to conceive, in private in your own home and without medications or artificial intervention? The Little Deeper® cushion can help.
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Get pregnant with a lovemaking pillow - a natural pregnancy aid

What is infertility?

Most doctors define infertility as not being able to conceive after at least one year of trying. Repeated miscarriages also fall under this category. It is estimated that about 12% of women in the United States aged 15-44 tried to get pregnant unsuccessfully or had difficulty carrying their baby to term in 2002, according to the National Center for Health Statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Medical fertility aids are available for couples who have difficulties to conceive, but before turning to medications or artificial interventions, the unique and patented Little Deeper® cushion can help. It is a natural pregnancy aid that one can try in private and in one’s own home.

The recommended Little Deeper® cushion enhances the likelihood of procreation by tilting and lifting up the woman’s hips to achieve the ideal height and angle for penetration. The cushion allows the man to get deeper and deposit closer to the cervix, reducing the distance the sperm needs to travel to fertilize the egg. By elevating the woman’s lower torso, the Little Deeper® cushion applies the natural law of gravity. It helps to keep the sperm in longer and facilitates an upward flow towards the uterus.

Some fertility experts recommend keeping this elevated position for 15-30 minutes after intercourse to further aid the sperm in reaching its destination. The Little Deeper® cushion comfortably supports this position.

Medical experts also suggest reducing stress and “not making a job” out of the process of “making a baby.” In fact, stress, both in general and during copulation, is cited as one of the leading causes of infertility. Stress inhibits a woman's ability to achieve an orgasm. This is important because it is generally accepted that the likelihood of conception greatly increases when the woman is able to achieve an orgasm as the muscle spasms that occur in the uterus help to draw the sperm upward. For men, the stress of focusing on “doing it right” can be an inhibiting factor that reduces maximum rigidity leading to shallower penetration and reduced output.

The Little Deeper® cushion was created with this in mind. It effectively eliminates these common problems of finding the right position and having a stressful experience, making it the ideal pregnancy aid. It puts both partners into the perfect position to conceive – the natural way. So if you’re trying to get pregnant, try the Little Deeper® cushion to make sure you’re optimizing your chances.

Reasons to get your Little Deeper® cushion today

  • Patented natural conception aid – a cushion that works the natural way
  • Anatomically designed to fit your body shape and size
  • Conceive your child at your home and in private, without medical interventions
  • Enhances the traditional missionary position and increases the likelihood of conception
  • Comfortable design and soft cover that’s machine washable

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"After three years of trying to get pregnant, we were about to give up. Then a friend told us about the Little Deeper® cushion. We tried it and six months later I was pregnant. Now our little baby girl just turned a year and we couldn’t be happier."

Sally F., Phoenix, Arizona
"We almost believed our doctor who told us that we would never have children of our own. But the miracle happened last year. We can’t thank the inventor of the Little Deeper® cushion enough."

Ron P., Las Vegas, Nevada
"Count me as a satisfied customer and my partner too! Thanks."

Beverly W., Chicago, Illinois